How can I learn more?

  1. Come to one of our Information Meetings.
  2. Sign up for our email updates.
  3. Like us on Facebook.
  4. Contact us.

What is the admissions process?

The first step is attending a public information meeting. After that, interested families will be invited to learn more, meet privately, and apply.

Where will the academy be located?

We will identify the academy’s meeting place after we gauge the level of interest and the geographic location of interested families. The location will be announced before commitments are requested.

Will you offer junior high and high school in 2019?

We intend to have a full K-12 academy. Whether we start 2019 with grammar (elementary), logic (middle school), and/or rhetoric (high school) will depend on the level of interest and commitment from area families. 

How did Two Rivers Classical Academy come into being?

Two Rivers Classical Academy is the product of the prayers, research, and long conversations of several Central Iowa families. Portions of this idea were nascent almost two decades ago, as college and seminary students began personal quests to better their own education.

Is Two Rivers a non-profit organization?

Two Rivers Classical Academy is a non-profit corporation formed under Iowa Code section 504, with its 501(c)3 tax-exempt application expected to be filed before the end of 2018. The initial board of directors was comprised of a teaching pastor, a finance executive, and an accountant.

Is Two Rivers part of a church?

Two Rivers is independent and is not affiliated with any church or denomination. It is founded on historic, orthodox, Protestant Christianity, and those who share these beliefs are welcome to join us in promoting our rich theological and cultural heritage .