Upcoming Events

  • Admission Applications for Launch Year (2019-2020):
    • We are currently accepting enrollment applications in all classes for this fall. Some classes may have limited availability.
  • TRCA Student / Family / Teacher Summer Meet-Ups
    • July 17 (watch for details)
    • July 31 (watch for details)
  • Co-Teacher Collaborative Workshop
    • August 19-21
    • Daytimes: At least one parent from each TRCA family will meet throughout the day with co-teachers to learn about the curriculum, lesson plans, teaching methods, and goals for the coming year.
    • Evenings: Both parents from each TRCA family will join together with the teachers, board of directors, and special guests.
    • Watch for announcements and details!
  • Matriculation Ceremony and Open House
    • Evening of Thursday, August 22
  • First Day of Academy
    • Monday, August 26, 2019

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