TRCA utilizes a collaborative model (sometimes called “hybrid school” or “university model”) in which students enjoy small classes with professional teachers two days per week and continue the lesson plan at home with their parents the remainder of the week.

As a collaborative school, TRCA is different from traditional schools, traditional homeschooling, and co-op programs in that the Academy handles curriculum choices, daily lesson plans, and grading. This allows parents to focus on teaching their children with confidence.

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TRCA follows the classical model of education that is built upon the three stages of the trivium: grammar, logic, and rhetoric. 

These three stages follow the natural development of children’s minds and help students become  lifelong learners. A classical education incorporates the best of great literature, western civilization, and language.

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TRCA is committed to upholding the core doctrines of Christianity. But Christianity is more than a subject. The goal of Christian education is to form students into learners and lovers of God. 

At TRCA, Christian teachers and staff are unashamedly committed to the authority of Scripture and seek to uphold the family and church as God’s normal means for discipleship. 

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