Distinctly Christian

Two Rivers Classical Academy is distinctively “Christian” and is committed to upholding the core, historical doctrines of Christianity. But Christianity is more than a subject. The goal of Christian education is to form students into learners and lovers of God. 

At TRCA, Christian teachers and staff will be unashamedly committed to our Statement of Beliefs and will seek to uphold the family and church as God’s normal means for discipleship. 

What is Christian Education?

Trinity Classical Academy in Omaha aptly describes our passion for Christian education when they say, “Christian education is not merely the imparting of Christian doctrine, but the formation of students as lovers of God and worshippers of the Lord Jesus Christ.” [1] They go on to write:

“Many Christians and non-Christians alike have bought into the false idea that education is merely the transfer of information. Education, it is assumed, is value-free; schools can teach “the facts” and leave it to parents, churches, and communities to impart values. But this distinction between facts and values is rooted in the Enlightenment-era philosophy of Immanuel Kant – a philosophy that denies the ability to know things “as they really are.” The separation between facts and values is, in the end, a denial of knowledge itself.

“In reality, all education is formative. It is not merely the transfer of information, but the ordering of the soul’s affections in accordance with some ultimate desire. Every human being is a worshiper – a loving, willing, desiring being who is pursuing some vision of ‘the good life.’

“Therefore, a proper Christian education must do more than impart a biblical worldview. It must shape desires.”

Practical Implications

  • Partnering with Parents. Rather than replacing the home, TRCA will work to partner with parents as they take primary responsibility for the discipleship of their children.
  • Christian Teachers. Teachers do not merely deliver knowledge—they instruct through their lives and character as well. So TRCA will expect teachers to uphold the statement of faith and model Christian behavior.
  • Christian Worldview. Our greatest goal is to glorify God and enjoy him forever. We are made in the image of God, but our greatest problem is our sinful hearts. Our greatest solution is the complete person and work of Jesus Christ. These truths will be foundational for the teaching at TRCA.
  • Formation & Information. Education happens both through information and formation. So an important part of TRCA will be modeling and instilling the love of excellence through joyful, high standards.

[1] http://tcaomaha.com/#christian