Parental Partnership Agreement

From a Christian viewpoint, parents are their children’s lifetime teachers and are to be involved in the training of mind, body, and spirit. From a Classical methodology, education takes place not just in the classroom but throughout the student’s everyday life, as experiences are important educational opportunities. The parental support required by Two Rivers Classical Academy will be high. Parents must be willing to commit time and effort to instruct, reinforce, supervise, and encourage their student’s learning, as well as maintain a home environment conducive to learning. Parents are co-teachers and co-counselors in the educational experience and should expect to contribute to Two Rivers Classical Academy in accordance with the requirements of each class.
Parents and faculty must maintain clear and accurate communication, so TRCA will strive to keep parents informed of any issues pertaining to their student’s progress. Likewise, parents will work to keep the faculty and staff in full knowledge of any issues or concerns about their student or the academy. In our Christian academy, differences will exist, but it is our belief that we can be a community where grace allows for unity. With that mindset we expect that parents actively foster respect for fellow students and their families, as well as faculty and staff.
By signing below, I/we affirm that:

  • I/we have answered the questions in this application to the best of my/our knowledge.
  • I/we have read the Statement of Faith and this Parental Partnership Agreement.
  • I/we desire my child(ren) to be instructed in ways that are rooted in and consistent with the Statement of Faith of Two Rivers Classical Academy.
  • To the extent possible, I/we will keep absences to a minimum.
  • I/we will make every effort to arrive on time for each classroom day, since late arrivals disadvantage my child(ren) and disrupt other children.
  • I/we will train my child(ren) to come to class prepared with all necessary materials and assignments.
  • I/we will make the completion of school assignments the main priority on Home Days.
  • I/we will set aside an adequate amount of time for my child(ren) to complete assignments and will be available to assist my child(ren) as needed.
  • I/we will be supportive of the faculty, administrators, staff, other families, as well as the Handbook and other policies of the academy.
  • I/we will refrain from gossip about the academy, its employees, its policies, and its students, since such behavior is destructive to the people involved and is not reflective of Christ­like, virtuous character.
  • I/we understand that TRCA relies upon my/our tuition and fees, and I/we agree to pay these in a timely manner, as described and agreed to in its Tuition & Fee Payment Agreement.
  • I/we commit to fulfilling this Parental Partnership Agreement and acknowledge that we as parents are morally and legally responsible for the schooling of our children.