A Request for Prayer

Today, we’re simply asking you to pray for a few specific items:

1) Most urgently, pray that God gives wisdom and discernment to teacher candidates and to us. We are discussing key teaching positions this week, and we have had (and will continue to have) productive conversations with candidates.

2) We are finalizing the grammar school curriculum plan over the next several days (and the logic school curriculum shortly after). Again, pray for wisdom and discernment as we put together the “bones” of our educational goals and plans.

3) Pray that God leads several more families and students to join TRCA this fall. We have an information meeting coming up, and we’ll have an exhibit at the Homeschool Iowa Conference in June.

4) Pray for the TRCA kids, that God prepares them to learn and love together this fall.

5) Thank God with us! Humanly speaking, it doesn’t make sense that TRCA has come this far. The only explanation is God’s sovereign leading and provision!

Veritas. Virtus. Vocatio.