The Location Question

It’s probably the first or second question on the list: Where will TRCA be located?

Short answer: We don’t know yet.

Better answer: Right now, we are in very early stages, simply trying to discern whether there is enough interest in the metro area to support moving forward with the idea of TRCA. The information meetings are our primary method of gauging and understanding the interest, and we’re approaching them very prayerfully. The first two meetings are located on the west side of the Metro, but that shouldn’t be indicative of any long-term plan; it just means the person responsible for the first two meetings (my wife) is more familiar with the west side!

We realize we must settle the location before any family can commit, so we’re doing the “chicken-or-egg dance.” We have a list of contacts to make, and we’ve started reaching out to them.

As we look at the location issue, here are the factors we need to consider:

  • Where are interested/committed families located? Initial interest has come from families across the metro – and further out, like Winterset, Perry, Cambridge, Newton, and Indianola. Ideally, we would find a location that is convenient for everyone. Realistically, some families will have to decide if the drive makes sense for them. Currently, we would prefer a location that is easily accessible from one of the interstates and relatively central to the Des Moines metro area.
  • What facilities are available, affordable, safe, and conducive to the academy? Similar schools that we have looked at rent space from churches, and those churches are happy to have their educational facilities used and supplying income to maintain the facilities. This seems like a good option for TRCA as well, though we are open to other types of spaces. Since the rental cost will be borne by families (through tuition), we want to keep the rent as low as possible. But we also want to be sure the facility is both safe and an appropriate learning environment. We would like to be able for our teachers and children to feel “at home” in the space and not need to “tear down” at the end of each day.
  • Long-term, if TRCA is successful, we may consider multiple sites or campuses across Central Iowa. This would be farther down the road, but similar schools (such as Trinity Classical School in Houston, Texas) are replicating this model by expanding to multiple sites.

My best answer to the question: Come to the information meetings; communicate your own level of interest and commitment; help bring together the right people and resources; and pray for the Lord’s leading in all of these details!

We are also looking for additional information meeting locations in central, eastern, and northern areas of the Metro. If you know of a location (e.g., your own church) that we could use, please let us know! Comments, questions, or ideas – send us a note.