December Update

Things have been busy! We want to share with you some updates and plans for Two Rivers Classical Academy, and we are asking for your help.

Recent Developments

  • Info Meeting Feedback: We held three informational meetings this fall with the goal to simply share our vision of TRCA and see if it resonated with our community. Over 70 families came, representing over 180 children. Additional information meetings are scheduled, and interest continues to build. We believe Central Iowa can sustain and benefit from a school like TRCA, and we have committed to the next steps.
  • Statement of Faith: We have finalized the TRCA Statement of Faith, a foundational document for the leaders, teachers, and curriculum of our Christian academy. The statement articulates our faith in both modern and ancient language.
  • ACCS Membership: TRCA has joined the Association of Classical Christian Schools, and after TRCA is firmly established, we will likely pursue accreditation through ACCS. In the meantime, it offers a wealth of resources for the academy and helpful information for parents.
  • Headmaster: We have developed a job description for our Headmaster position, which we will post both locally and nationwide in the coming week. The Headmaster will be TRCA’s chief educator, administrator, and leader, responsible for the day-to-day operations of the academy. And during TRCA’s startup phase (between now and August), the Headmaster will work to develop our faculty and curriculum.
  • Planning: We have been busy meeting and conversing with a variety of people—teachers interested in teaching for us, leaders from our community and neighboring schools, area pastors, and so on. In fact, tomorrow we are making another trip to Omaha to consult with our friends at Trinity Classical Academy.


Coming Announcements

In mid-to-late January we hope to announce specific details and timelines related to our location, tuition, and admission process. Much remains to be accomplished before—and after—these announcements. There are many people and resources that need to come together—students, educators, facility, and financial support. For these pieces to come together, our vision and excitement must turn into faith and actionand we need you to join us.

Invitation to Invest

TRCA’s cost of tuition will cover the cost of operations for the first year. Before we get to the first year, we will need to prepare—and pay for those preparations apart from the first year’s tuition. To this end, we are praying and requesting $100,000 in startup funds in the next six months. We would like to have a significant portion of this amount in the bank, allowing us to recruit and hire a Headmaster in January.

Would you consider making a gift to TRCA? Would you ask your friends, colleagues, and family to do the same? The Christmas season is typically a time when families and businesses make special gifts to charities, both because Christmas evokes extra Christian generosity and because of year-end tax benefits.

Gifts to Two Rivers Classical Academy (an Iowa nonprofit corporation) are tax-deductible, and we will provide a charitable gift receipt for every donation. We can accept gifts by cash or check, and our friends at the Faith Community Foundation stand ready to assist if you would like to donate via more complex methods.

To contribute, make checks payable to “Two Rivers Classical Academy” and mail to: Andrew Karas, 1303 NW 93rd Ct, Clive, IA 50325.

We would be glad to hear from you and share more details if you have questions or would like to learn more about our plans and budget.


We appreciate the enthusiastic response you gave us as we shared our vision for TRCA, and we are enthusiastic about the future of TRCA. We are looking forward to many more exciting announcements, and in the meantime, we hope you will pray and invest with us to make TRCA a reality in 2019.

Have a wonderful Christmas Season!

– Zach Dietrich, Andy Fogle, Andy Karas, and TRCA Families