January 4 Update

Happy New Year! Here are some dates to save and information to consider…

“Launch” Meeting on Thursday evening, January 31 (Exact time and location TBD)

Ready for next steps? Join us in a town hall-style meeting to learn about the enrollment process and deadlines for Fall of 2019, the development plans for TRCA, as well as how you can get involved. We are praying this meeting will bring together the people committed to launching this fall!  RSVP via email or Facebook.

Information Meeting on Thursday, January 17
6:15 p.m. at the Urbandale Public Library
If you have not yet joined us at one of our informational meetings, this meeting is for those who simply want to learn about our vision for TRCA. We explain what we mean by “collaborative,” “classical,” and “Christian” education, and we answer your initial questions. If you’ve already come to one of these meetings, help us spread the word to those who haven’t (here’s a link to the event on Facebook)!

Head of School Position
We have posted the Head-of-School position here. We tried not to throw everything under “other duties as assigned,” so it is somewhat lengthy. It demonstrates the personal and professional qualities we are looking for in the person who will lead TRCA and create its culture. If you know of someone who is qualified and interested, please forward this! Or if you think this might match you, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

Volunteers Needed
We are in need of some volunteer assistance. First, we would like to have video of the two events above. The video doesn’t need to be a professional-grade production, but we’re hoping for something slightly better than one of us holding an iPhone. Second, we need someone to help us with social media posts. We can provide most of the content, but you could take that content, make it look good, and coordinate the details. Third, we need someone to plan/coordinate some upcoming events. We aren’t talking wedding-planning, but we do need someone who isn’t afraid to schedule and set up some simple events via phone and email. Please let us know how you’re willing to help!

Financial Partnership
We have already received several thousand dollars from financial partners (Thank You!). As we project a budget for starting up during the next several months, we need to raise approximately $100,000. Plus, we would like to go into the first few years of operations knowing that we have the “financial fuel” to get off to a great start. If you would like to know more about contributing, or if you know of others who would, please reach out to us!

Praying for TRCA
Finally, please continue to pray for the relationships, resources, and wisdom needed right now. We regularly have strategic conversations with potential teachers, future board members, community leaders, friends and neighbors. We’re grateful for the enthusiastic responses we receive, and we’re looking forward to sharing with you how the Lord is blessing the vision for TRCA!