January 26: Important Announcements

Dear Friends,

We have several updates to provide you regarding Two Rivers Classical Academy. Some of those updates are in this email, some are on our website, and several important details will be shared in the next two weeks.

Launch Meeting Changed

We are moving the Launch Meeting to the morning of Saturday, February 16. We appreciate that many of you have responded to our “save the date” for January 31; however, we believe there will be additional developments in the next two weeks that will make the wait worthwhile.

Instead of waiting to announce several key decisions at that meeting (and packing too much into one event), we will be releasing information in advance. This will enable families to review the information in advance of the meeting and then have opportunity to ask and discuss details at the Launch Meeting or in person.

And let’s face it: Next Thursday’s high temperature will reach only 2 degrees. So stay warm that night and read through the information we send you!

Admissions Process

One piece we planned to announce next week is the Admissions Process for our first year. We realize that many families need to make decisions about the upcoming school year, and it is our hope that sharing the process and timeline will aid you in that regard. The process is posted on our website here, and we will be adding more details (e.g, Application Packet and Tuition/Fee Schedule) in the coming week.

We will accept applications for Kindergarten through 7th Grade, with our priority being the creation of a strong foundation in the grammar school. While we had interest from several families with older children, at this time it seems best for TRCA to begin with grammar and possibly logic schools (elementary and middle school), and to “grow into” its rhetoric school.

We have also received inquiries about preschool. State regulations regarding preschool do not allow for a preschool version of our model. However, we are open to adapting our model to fit preschool-age children after plans are underway for the grammar and logic schools.


We have been speaking with several area churches about using their facility next year, and we believe we will have a final decision soon. Please continue to pray about location in the next week! The decision is complex, but at this juncture it directly impacts two big questions: the price of tuition and the weekdays we will meet. Read more about the location issue here.

Looking Ahead

Well, looking back for a moment, when we began sharing the vision for TRCA back in October, we asked for one thing: your feedback. The encouragement and enthusiasm we received from you far exceeded what we anticipated – and we are grateful!

Now, we’re asking you for something much bigger: Will you join us in turning that vision into a viable educational option for our families and our community? We are laying the groundwork for advisory teams to assist with planning and decision-making in several key areas, and we will give you opportunity to join these teams at the Launch Meeting.

The first year will not be perfect, and it will not be all that we envision. But it will set us on a course – and an adventure – that we believe will yield great fruit. It’s an investment with risks, but waiting for someone else to deliver perfection is a bigger risk.

We need parents, staff, volunteers, and donors to help us bring TRCA to life. Please watch for the next several announcements, and pray with us about your role in launch of Two Rivers Classical Academy.


Yours truly,


TRCA Families